Site is taking a permanent break

Thanks for visiting Schreiben Depot. It’s been about two years (from Jan. 2009 onward) that I have made any posts or edits to the site. This was a big part of my high school years, but now my interests have moved on to new fields, as happens with anyone.

You’re welcome to take a look around. The site is a depository for a lot of my creative work in the past. It’s often funny for me to look back and see the mindset I had as of 2, 3, however many years ago. If anything, it’s a reminder that change is inevitable. I felt that, instead of trying to hold on to the past Kenneth (or ‘Ned,’ my nickname then), I would accept who I am now. Perhaps I’ll revisit the site later, but I strongly doubt that.

While I don’t believe I have anything incriminating on here (honest!), please note that everything on the site is now at least 2 years old, and doesn’t necessarily reflect my current beliefs, opinions and interests.

Thanks again for visiting. So who is this ‘new’ Kenneth? At the time of this post (April 2011), I’m a sophomore and psychology major at Middlebury College in Vermont. My non-academic writing is generally self-reflective now, which is one reason why I’m ‘closing’ Schreiben Depot: I’d like for my writing to become intrinsic again.

So what’s next? I’m both nervous and excited about what lies ahead after college. For now, I’m happy to be here, knowing that the future, as always, is ‘subject to change.’

God Bless,

Kenneth Burchfiel (not to be confused with my dad, the patent lawyer in D.C.)


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