I’m finished with Schreiben Depot

Thanks for visiting Schreiben Depot. It’s been about two years (from Jan. 2009 onward) that I have made any posts or edits to the site. This was a big part of my high school years, and I had a great time putting up old work and more recent stuff. Now, though, my interests have moved on to new fields, as happens with anyone. As such, I don’t plan to make any future posts to Schreiben Depot. At the same time, given the work I put into both the material and the blog, I figured it would be best to leave it up.

You’re welcome to take a look around. The site served as a depository for a lot of my creative work in the past. I often find it funny to look back and see the mindset I had as of two, three, however many years ago. If anything, it’s a reminder that change is inevitable. I felt that, instead of trying to hold on to the past Kenneth (or ‘Ned,’ my nickname then), I would accept that my interests and passions have changed. Perhaps I’ll revisit the site later, but I strongly doubt that.

While I don’t believe I have anything incriminating on here (honest! You can search as long as you want), please note that everything on the site is now at least 2 years old, and doesn’t necessarily reflect my current beliefs, opinions and interests.

Thanks again for visiting. So who is this ‘new’ Kenneth? At the time of this post (April 2011), I’m a sophomore, 20-year-old and psychology major at Middlebury College in Vermont. My non-academic writing is generally self-reflective now, which is one reason why I’m ‘closing’ Schreiben Depot: I’d like for my writing to become intrinsic again.

So what’s next? I’m both nervous and excited about what lies ahead after college. For now, I’m happy to be here, knowing that the future, as always, is ‘subject to change.’

God Bless,

Kenneth Burchfiel (not to be confused with my dad, the patent lawyer in D.C.)


9 responses to “I’m finished with Schreiben Depot

  1. Kenneth Burchfiel

    One more thing I forgot to mention: you can say hello at either Broncostar4444@yahoo.com or KBurchfiel@gmail.com .

  2. Why, hello Ned! I’d say you might need a word starting with F in this sentence: “Seventeen aged, vexing, enterprising do adequately register underlying realizations.” Other than that, it’s an interesting read. Best of luck as you embark on your journey through Albeit!

  3. Kenneth Burchfiel

    Thanks for the tip. 🙂

  4. OMG…..this is classified info you are giving away 0_0

  5. Kenneth Burchfiel

    Hallo Bobby! Excited about Honors College?

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  7. Stephen Lastova

    This is great Ned, really great. I should do something like this… I can’t wait until you get back from Japan!

  8. Sam

    Hey Ned. This is amazing! It really is, and you have a very good outlook on life. Very inspiring.

  9. Marika M

    Hey Ned, this is Marika (hope that you remember me). I just stumbled on this page and was quite surprised and impressed! But don’t tell me that you were actually in Japan this summer. After being stuck in Europe for 6 years, we finally went there too in August! How did we miss each other?

    Say hello to the family!

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