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Bad Jokes

Bad Jokes

Kenneth Burchfiel

Started 6/22/2009

An ongoing list, whether you like it or not!

Bill: There’s a fine line between “brave” and “foolish.”

Mark: But I’m brave enough to cross it!

What do a newspaper company and a fan company have in common?

They both want to improve circulation.

French currency is deflated so badly that, in France, “six cent” means “six hundred.”


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Convocation Cap

Convocation Cap

The German is probably off, but I hope the message is right.

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Etwas–A steel water bottle recording

Zur Gottes Ehre

The ‘music’ in the video was composed with a steel water bottle and a pen. I filled up the water bottle with different amounts of water, then recorded myself tapping the sides and bottom of the container. The individual recordings were then rearranged on Windows Movie Maker. Hope you enjoy! And if not, sorry to waste 16 seconds of your time.

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What colors you?

What Colors You

(Try clicking the above link.)

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Envelope-based school organization


For those tired of ringed binders and hole punching.


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How to make 3-D Graphics in Adobe In-Design

zur Ehre Gottes

(Click link below)


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A guide to using the in-design pen tool

click on the pdf link below; that may bring up the guide.


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