What is Constant

What is Constant


Kenneth Burchfiel

[The following was written without much editing or thought (as I was rushing off to a graduation party). It’s just a short reflection on graduating high school and looking ahead to what comes next. Hope you enjoy!]

I am at that age where so little seems constant and so much feels turbulent. Friends are rushing off to college; high school is fading out as college takes its stand; interests and hobbies shift weekly. The changes are fast enough to make life seem blurred—and to induce mental nausea in anyone going along for the ride.

But there is one Constant for me, and for everyone—even if not all acknowledge it. This Constant has remained the same through millions—perhaps billions—of graduations—this Constant is not unsettled by a change in schools, or friends, or interests, or locations. And even when life seems confusing, the Constant is always there for guidance, support, faith and love.

But just as our eyes focus on the objects in motion while overlooking the stationary, our minds tend to focus on what is different rather than Whom remains the same. In the last four years, I have put so much in front of the Constant that it is a wonder He still cares to listen and guide. And there have come days where, crying and distraught, I have searched all around for the Support that was right by my side.

God is more than a constant. He reminds us that, amidst the frantic whirl of one’s teenage years, there is a truth so beautiful and profound that it renders all the “profound” changes in our life all but inconsequential. And that truth can still be heard amidst the changes of everyday life—if one cares to listen.

The changes that accompany a teenager are a beautiful thing. But they pale in comparison to what is constant—and Who is Love.


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