Kenneth Burchfiel, fdHG


Walls of outhouses split crowds of black red white yellow, most blue

With Potomac-freezing cold. Undeterred,

They swarm around obelisks and monuments and televisions on stilts.

But nothing changed.

No room to cheer, but they try anyway

As politicians walk (and wheel) in and out of history.

Cellists, vice presidents, judges—the Jumbotrons do not see

The one/two/many millions fixated on the screens.

But nothing changed.

The applause turns to silence, the dream turns real

As Roberts leads an oath heard round the world

And 43 gives way to 44, 2001 to 2009.

But nothing changed.

Because the sky was blue at noon,

And I only had to look up and away today

To remember our true President’s term is eternal.




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One response to “Inauguration

  1. Obama’s speech was really good; i appreciate his candor and general classiness