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The Voice (Wikipedia Page)

“The Voice” is a [[Biblical translation]] project established “to rediscover the story of the Bible.”

<ref name=”Book”>[New Testament, The Voice Edition (Website: http://hearthevoice.com/books/profile/27722)%5D</ref> It employs writers with artistic, theological and musical backgrounds in order to differentiate its work from scholar-centered translations.

<ref name=”Book”/> The Voice’s first publication was a [[New Testament]] translation, which came out in [[October]] [[2008]]. <ref name=”Site”>[http://www.hearthevoice.com The Voice’s Website]</ref>

== Composition ==

“The Voice” encompasses a range of writers, editors, scholars and musicians. <ref name=”Book”/> The writers and scholars collaborate to produce [[Biblical]] texts with academic and artistic merit, while the 27 musicians involved work on “Songs From The Voice,” a musical compilation. Seven editors oversee the writing process.

The project is overseen by the [[Ecclesia Bible Society]], which is presided over by [[Chris Shea.]]

== Biblical Translation ==

The Voice markets its [[Old Testament]] (still in production) and New Testament editions as alternatives to scholar-led translations. Its overall goal is to produce “holistic,” “beautiful,” “sensitive” and “balanced” <ref name=”Book”/> transcriptions that present-day readers can identify with.

The project’s first production, a translation of the New Testament, pairs a play-like format and contemporary verse with occasional commentary and in-text explanations. A brief introduction precludes each book.

== Current and future publications ==

In addition to their complete New Testament translation, the project has produced a number of titles dealing with the Bible <ref name=”Site”/>:

[[The Voice of Acts]]

[[The Voice of John]] (offered as a free download on their website)

[[The Voice from on High]]

[[The Voice of Luke]]

[[The Voice of Hebrews]]

[[The Voice of Mark]]

[[The Voice of Matthew]]

[[The Voice of Romans]]

A translation of the Old Testament is currently underway.

== External Links:==

http://www.hearthevoice.com/pdf/TheVoice_Comparison.pdf (a comparison of contemporary [[Bible]] translations, including The Voice)

http://www.hearthevoice.com (The project’s website)

== References ==


Here’s a Wikipedia page I worked on of The Voice’s New Testament edition:

The Voice: New Testament is a [[New Testament]] Bible translation written by [[The Voice (Project)]], a scriptural research group. It was published by [[Thomas Nelson]] in [[October]] [[2008]].

== Nature of the translation ==
The Voice markets its [[New Testament]], a rewritten edition which incorporates writers, musicians and [[pastors]] (including the [[Emerging Church]] proponent [[Brian McLaren]] <ref name=”Book”/>,) as an alternative to scholar-focused [[Bible translations]]. The group’s goal in the project was to produce a “holistic,” “beautiful,” “sensitive” and “balanced” <ref name=”Book”>New Testament, The Voice Edition (Website: http://hearthevoice.com/books/profile/27722)</ref> New Testament that present-day readers could identify with.

The compilation pairs a play-like format and [[contemporary]] verse with occasional commentary and italicized in-text explanations. Each book in the New Testament is preceded by a brief introduction explaining its background and significance.

== Criticism ==
Chris Rosebrough of the website Extreme Theology has taken issue with The Voice’s interpretation and extensions of the Bible’s original text. In Part One of his book review, Rosebrough writes:

“Unfortunately, not since the release of the [[Jehovah’s Witnesses]]’ [[New World Translation]] of the Greek Scriptures in [[1950]] has there been a bible published that so blatantly mangles and distorts God’s Word in order to support a peculiar and aberrant theological agenda.” <Ref Name=”Review”>Chris Rosebrough’s review (site: http://www.extremetheology.com/2008/11/review-of-the-voice-new-testament—part-one.html)</ref>

Rosebrough then goes on to contrast the New Voice translation with the [[English Standard Version]] and the original [[Greek]] text, pointing out areas in the book that he sees as misleading or contrary to the passage’s original meaning.

== References ==

== External Links ==
http://www.hearthevoice.com/pdf/TheVoice_Comparison.pdf (A comparison of contemporary [[Bible]] translations, including The Voice)

http://www.hearthevoice.com (The project’s website)

http://hearthevoice.com/books/profile/27722 (Official book website)


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