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A Riddle Collection

A Riddle Collection


Kenneth Burchfiel fdHG

From time to time, a riddle pops up in my head. The following is a growing collection of said riddles, with some more challenging (and debatable) than the others. The answers are at the bottom of the page.

  1. Luxembourg has a minimum drinking age of 16, whereas the Netherlands has no drinking age at all. A fourteen-year-old boy stands on the border of the two countries, with one foot in the Netherlands and the other in Luxembourg. Is he allowed to drink?
  1. A policeman, having heard of a minor bank robbery in downtown Chicago, caught up with a teenager carrying 15 20-dollar bills. When questioned, the girl explained that she had been in possession of the bills for quite some time: some were from an ATM machine, others from her parents and still others from her grandmother’s birthday card. The policeman, not convinced, asked to see all of the bills. Within seconds of thumbing through them, he handcuffed the teenager for committing the crime. What about the bills made him certain that she had committed the crime?

    (Assume the cleanliness of the bills does not play a factor.)


  1. The situation is impossible, seeing as Luxembourg and the Netherlands do not border one another.

The fifteen bills had consecutive serial numbers; in other words, the codes near the bottom right of the bill were in order for all fifteen bills. The only way this could have been remotely possible is if they came from a banker, who would have received the bills from the mint in that special order.


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