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“Phrazzeled”: A game idea


Kenneth Burchfiel

The wonderful thing about the English language is that just about any phrase or expression can have multiple meanings behind it. Some definitions for a phrase might be obvious; others could take a little thinking to arrive at. “Phrazzeled” invites players to try their hand at matching given definitions with a hard-to-guess phrase.


The game’s idea is simple enough. Participants are each given two or more definitions for a certain phrase. Their job is to think hard about each one and try to come up with that phrase first, resulting in a point or more for them. The tougher the definitions are, the more points they receive.

For the game to work best, it is suggested that the players take turns reading out the definitions to the other contestants and listening for the correct answer.

Example phrases and definitions:

Definition 1: A steeple top in Alabama

Definition 2: What Australian astronomers see

Phrase: Southern Cross

D1: Used to make a “Bingo”

D2: Shirts, shorts and such

P: Textiles (Text Tiles for D1)

D1: Comes before touchdown

D2: A pyrotechnic touching down

P: Landing Flare

D1: Starts with a bang; ends with the tape

D2: When two rails merge

P: Track meet


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