Subway Soliloquy

[Who says the New York Subway can’t be inspirational?]

Subway Soliloquy


Kenneth Burchfiel

What subterranean world is this,

with blue light stalagmites

and lakes of street grate splatter?

What beasts prowl this 21st century labyrinth

now that the token suckers have gone extinct?

Do trains fall off the station map at the end of the tracks?

Are the 2 and 3 Lines having an affair? Is the 1 Line jealous?

Is that why this train rattles so?

How far along the rails can this little card fling me?

If I swipe it through, will someone swipe me?

And just how long will these iron roots expand

until the system slurps up enough victims

to satisfy its sieve-like appetite?

Did I just miss my stop?


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