Table of Contents for The Albeit Story

This entire section is dedicated to overviews, maps and descriptions of the fictional city of Albeit. To give readers (and myself) a means for quickly accessing such information, I’ve included a rough outline of the section below–including links for each element of “The Albeit Story.”

This list, of course, doesn’t have all the links just yet. I hope to continuously update it with each new finished piece. The entire project could take up to a year at the time of this post.

The Albeit Story

~~1: Introduction~~

Making of a Fictional City


Reason for a Fictional City


~~2: Overview~~

The Town that Set Out to be Different


The Canton System 2B

A Coordinated City 2C

Two Peculiar Sports

The Service Year

Four Quadrants, Four Stereotypes


The People of Albeit

Albeit Through the Years

Climate, Location and Demographics

The Albeit Manifesto–2J

~~3: Main Map Content~~

Master Building Directory

Master Street Directory

Master Map


Canton Comparison 3D

Master Subway Map


~~4: The Eleven Cantons~~

Unterwalden Map


Unterwalden Directory


Unterwalden Overview


Spengler Map

Spengler Directory

Spengler Overview

Pacfyst Map


Pacfyst Directory


Pacfyst Overview


Hauraki Map

Hauraki Directory

Hauraki Overview–4D3

Noulevac Map–4E1

Noulevac Directory–4E2

Noulevac Overview–4E3

Elam Map–4I1

Elam Directory–4I2

Elam Overview–4I3

Chiyoda Map

Chiyoda Directory

Chiyoda Overview

Em Map

Em Directory

Em Overview

Slat Map


Slat Directory


Slat Overview


Graupel Map

Graupel Directory

Graupel Overview

Phoebe Map

Phoebe Directory

Phoebe Overview


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