Writing for Charity: a Blog Idea

[Ever wanted to rant about dress sizes and feed the hungry at the same time? Well, here’s your chance? (Not yet, but… you know… I’m working on it. Here’s my pitch to an imaginary web developer.]

Writing for Charity: A Blog Idea


Kenneth Burchfiel

It’s always been a dream of mine to write in a manner and method that helps out someone other than me. Problem is, writing doesn’t pay much to begin with (I should know, as I haven’t received a cent from it J), and charity work is associated more with boot drives than with experimental poetry. Still, I figured there had to be some way for writers to pitch in for society.

The thought came to me during physics class. Say that you have a blog—nothing all that fancy about it, though there are some coding and payment issues that you’d have to work out (more on that soon). Anyone can post anything on the blog, but first, they must pay a certain “commission—” 1 dollar, 10 dollars or 100 dollars per 100 words, depending on the “level” of their post. Before publishing their comment, the user would have the total calculated and pay the site—which we’ll call “Writing for a Cause” for now—however much they owe for publication. This money will then go straight to charity, giving the user that warm, fuzzy feeling that writing alone can’t provide.

To spice up the idea a little bit, I propose a series of “levels” that donators can pick and choose from. Level One, at $1 per 100 words, simply puts the reader’s post up and bumps it down as new posts arrive. Level Two users, though ($10 per 100 words) will see their post stay on top of the others until (A three Level One posts are published or (B another Level Two post is published, in which case their entry will “detach” from the top and slowly get bumped down along with all the others.

Level Three, at a near-philanthropic $1 a word, has the best premiums of all. Users get to choose their text color and (to some degree) font size, and their posts occupy an exclusive column to the left of the Level One and Two posts. In other words, if someone publishes a Level Three post, no amount of Level One and Two posts will remove it from the front page. Nor will bloggers feel guilty about hogging all the attention; the money’s going to charity, after all.

I’m not much of a webmaster, but I figure that this is a simple enough idea that setting up a working site would not be terribly difficult. My hopes are that I can find someone over the summer willing to implement the plan.

Until then, get your posts ready!


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