An Overview (read this first!)

(Here’s an abbreviated paraphrasing of the overview: this blog acts as a way for me to archive and share fictional, nonfictional and visual content that I’ve been working on. It’s mainly for my own personal use (as I’m in need of a repository for my writing and graphics projects), but you’re more than welcome to look at the categories (labels) to the right of this post, click on a section that interests you and browse through what I’ve put up so far. Have fun!

Perhaps I speak for a lot of writers when I say this, but I don’t really know what to do with my work. Much of it lies on my hard drive; much of it is bound in Moleskine books. If I’m looking for a specific piece, I have to fumble around in the annals of My Documents to get it.

Schreiben Depot (rough translation: Writing Depository) is meant to fix that problem–if only for my own benefit. In the following months, I plan to put up new and old content into eight categories: short fiction, long fiction, journal pages, maps, Albeit (an invented city of mine), articles, poems and other. I’ll do my best to date each one, but rarely do I jot the time of writing next to a piece. Content that I had an especially fun time working on will be marked with an asterisk or something similar. (Really old material will probably receive a marking, too, so that you don’t mistake stuff I worked on when I was seven as indicative of my current ability. šŸ™‚

Though I deeply appreciate your stopping by to check out this page, keep in mind that it’s intended for my personal use. Schreiben Depot is not a journal. You’re not going to see any tips about the best shopping in Whateverville or my take on the latest vacuum cleaners. This blog serves as an archive of my past and present (mostly literary) work; I would be humbled if you enjoy what you read and see.

Many thanks for stopping by my little writing depository. As the subhead says, feel free to test the waters.


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  1. I appreciate all feedback and comments about my writing. It’s good just to know that you’re here.