–A website for the weary

(An ongoing concept, though I’d like to see a site like this take shape soon.)

Mission statement:

“The purpose of lies in its name. This website focuses with crises, natural or unnatural, motivated by man or a greater force. Perhaps there are more popular things to deal with—celebrity culture, for one, or politics—but one eye, at the very least, has to be turned to those things from which others turn away. And yet, we are not just an eye, but a scope, a site determined to zoom in on the very worst conditions on this earth and record every find. To get the clearest image, we cannot simply stand in a safe zone and pan the lens around; rather, we must travel as close to the truth as possible. Both the crises and our findings may be disturbing, perhaps searing to the mind, but all the better; this domain would be worthless unless it directed the public to the most accurate depictions of hate and tragedy possible.

The most important part of the URL, however, may be the .org at the end. This sight was not made simply to “raise awareness,” however pivotal a first step to change that may be. Rather, we are here so that any given crisis we report on might be resolved. We are here so that, by the end of our time, there might not need to be a Through donations, activism and personal support, that dream might just come true.

Thank you for visiting the site. Our goal is not to keep you up all night from the images and descriptions you view, but rather, to have you play a part in giving the victims of these crises the rest they deserve.”

Website Overview:

CrisisScope will feature a “Crisis Bar” on its main page. It will list, in order of severity, the top ten disasters and atrocities unfolding in the world. A “Crisis Rating” might accompany each item to give a rough idea of the relative magnitude of each.

Four links will lie within each individual bar: one, a general overview of the situation, two, media (some graphic) that will serve to foster understanding on the viewer’s part, three, links to groups and campaigns associated with the crisis, and four, direct links to charities operating in that region.

Links outside the Crisis Bar will direct readers to a re-post of the mission statement, a section called “VictoryScope,” which will list some of the most successful recent humanitarian campaigns, press releases, contact information, a summary of the world’s most impactful charities and a “donations” box for site purposes.

If there is sufficient user demand for the feature, the web page might allow users to keep a running financial account on the site from which they could quickly donate to relief efforts for any given crisis.

Advertising will be kept to a minimum, but humanitarian organizations (Red Cross, Worldvision, etc.) may have the opportunity to establish links on the site.

Concept by Kenneth Burchfiel. Webpage by…?


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