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*Eastern Core Reference Map Recommended)

This map of a chunk of DC not only gives the user a coordinate grid and street-level detail, but includes places of interest such as restaurants, shopping areas, Churches, memorials, museums, etc. If you live in the Washington area, try printing it out and walking around with it. It also helps if you have a GPS; many of the locations can be found both by coordinate and by grid. (The area itself is just north of the eastern end of the Mall.)


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Washington’s Granite District

Somewhere in between K street and Dupont Circle, a lobbyist is counting his twenties. Welcome to the Granite District of D.C., where stately gray towers rub elbows with “chic” cafes and the occasional bookstore. People seem to come here for the money more than they do for the sights, but don’t let that deter you.

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