Short Poems Sampler

Here are a few light-hearted works that I composed for a creative writing class.

Kenneth Burchfiel

There’s a cottage in my head.

Cheery little place I love to visit.

You open the unpainted door to find

A fire that colors the walls,

A Dutch oven, an easy chair.

No windows. No clock.

And some days, when the earth is spinning too fast,

I’ll walk inside,

Throw off my shoes,

Recline in the easy chair

And watch the fire

Until I wake.


If Russia

Kenneth Burchfiel

ЇF яЦѕѕІД Шол тЂЄ ςσЈd ЩДЯ,


мцСђ МФЃэ fΰи тФ ЯЭДD?



Kenneth Burchfiel

The cat saw the rat.

It sat on a mat.

The rat saw the cat.

And for one impossibly small moment in time the cat and rat and the mat were one with each other and with the rest of the literary elements in this fictional world of ours, fused by imagination and desperation alike—

The cat saw the mat.

The cat sat on the mat.



Kenneth Burchfiel


When you read a really bad poem

The word$ beg|n to drip off tĦe page

aŊd what yoЦ $ee aяe t^e ugly (ittle

$ymßðĿš th@t h•ld

⁰∑try together.


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