N4: Albeit

N4: Albeit

Second Draft: 11/7/2007

Kenneth Burchfiel

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Ned [Kenneth] Burchfiel’s fourth novel and longest piece yet takes readers on a rapidly twisting path through the center of a corrupt world of government informants and organized crime. Four ex-counterfeiters, bought back together by the lure of a stolen patent, find themselves caught in the midst of a rapidly accelerating war. Their search for the origins of the patent and the war leads them deeper into Albeit’s criminal sector than they ever wanted to travel, and what they discover at the heart of the trafficking industry will forever reverberate within them.

On a Personal Note:

Albeit was a book that will stay with me for a long time. For one, it was quite large relative to my other stories; the revised version weighs in at over 100,000 words. For two (is that legal English?), it was the inaugural book in my series on Albeit, a fictional city that you’re certain to encounter on Schreiben Depot.

More than anything else, though, I felt that I got back to my literary roots in this piece—if I had any to begin with. An Overshadowed Current (N3) came out well enough, but I felt that the story was based so much on plot twists and revealed connections that it reads like a machine. I wanted character in Albeit, I wanted setting in Albeit, I wanted true conflict in Albeit. As far as I can see, I got them.

Is the book still a mystery piece? No doubt. And yet, the characters don’t go through the first half merely searching for something, as does the detective in N3; they fight, talk an share a few experiences with one another. The climax still involves a twist, but I wouldn’t call it the core of the book. I think that title goes to Dry Street, a gritty place that seems unsure of its real nature.

Albeit is still rough in spots, and the final chapters were about as difficult to write as was the last part in N3. Nevertheless, in composing this, I feel as if I broke out of a plot-centered mold and began to explore the world around my characters.


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