N3: An Overshadowed Current

N3: An Overshadowed Current

Second Draft: 3/16/2007

Kenneth Burchfiel

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Ned [Kenneth] Burchfiel’s third book begins when a veteran detective embarks on his strangest case yet; his journey to find the answers takes him through hundreds of years of history. Once learning more about the family feud that caused a series of murders, he races to catch a would-be killer. Little does he know the true depth of the case, his own connections to the murderer, and the real truth behind the “feud.” Packed with plot twists, climatic to the very end, and rich in style, this book will have readers surprised until the last page is turned.

On a Personal Note:

Writing An Overshadowed Current was not peaches and cream. From the beginning, I had based the story on a complex, at times convoluted plot structure. There were twists and connections galore, but it’s one thing to dream those up—and another thing to put them in the story.

The last 20,000 words of this piece were some of the hardest I’ve ever written. My insistence on a static outline had perverted the writing process to the point where I had to jam every sentence onto the page; no sentence came easily. I look back on the story with a sense of satisfaction, but there were plenty of bumps and bruises along the way. It wasn’t an experience I would wish on anyone.

Perhaps N3 also marked a turning point. This was my third straight book that focused on a murder mystery of sorts; by its end, I found myself with a sense of genre burnout. It was only natural that I experimented with other realms of fiction in my works to come.

Let not these paragraphs turn you off the book. I’m happy with the final product; it simply proved burdensome to write.


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