[A friend and I came up with an idea for a website in which people could post chapters of books in ongoing blogs, or “Blooks.” We actually (gasp) implemented the idea and got a few users, but spammers later overtook the operation. Nevertheless, it was an interesting taste of the dot-com era.]

Blooklot Welcome Message


Kenneth Burchfiel

A Blook is a simple concept: take a book, break it down into sections, and

publish each section in a separate blog post. The results? The entire web

has access to the book, no manuscripts have to be accepted by publishers,

and readers can easily comment and critique the work.

People have different reasons to write a “blook.” Some, perhaps, have had

a pre-existing manuscript denied by publishers. Blooks put the power

back into the hands of the author, allowing him or her to post section by

section of the novel online. Others may be attempting to write their first

novel; by writing each chapter online, the aspiring author can receive

feedback and support from an online community.

Blooks are a new concept, but have already caught on over the internet.

For the first time, authors don’t have to “get published-” they do so

themselves, with the extra bonus of a community that will support and

critique their work. However, for new blookers, attracting viewers still isn’t

easy, and no directory exists where users can search through genres and

find a new book that they would enjoy.

Until now.

Blooklot allows users to sign up, and, for free, publish their books online,

read other blooks, and receive tips and advice for novel writing. Instead

of having to attract viewers to your own site, at Blooklot you post chapters

of your book in an environment already containing other users, each

looking for a good blook to read. At the same time, you can browse

through other blooks at Blooklot, instead of having to search all over the

internet for a good online novel to read.

Excited? So are we! Whether you’re ready to start writing your first novel,

or have multiple manuscripts that you can’t wait to publish online, the

Blooklot team is glad to have you here. To start posting your blook on the

site in seconds, simply click on this link in order to register:

The other topics in this section will give you further information on

Blooklot, including how, exactly, to post your Blook on the site. Here’s

hoping you have an enjoyable experience, and, once again, thank you for

choosing Blooklot!

Ned Burchfiel



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