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[An old (archaic, in internet years) message board that I started up a long, long time ago. Key word: long, long time ago. This bit of memorabilia is an advertisement I used to convince some people on another message board to join the site, which turned out to be a lukewarm success. Welcome to the summer of 2005.]

“Forum City” Advertisement


Kenneth Burchfiel

Come join PM’s official message board!

Please read the message before clicking the link. After all, you can’t judge a board by its homepage.

If you have received this message, you are a regular here at the PM boards who I think would be a great person to come and post at Forum City. We get hundreds of posts, thousands of hits, and new members signing up every day.

Why not just post on IGN? you ask. Well, here at the PM boards, we’re a great community, but there’s only one thing we talk about- paper mario. Besides in the community chat, all we can discuss is paper Mario, and nothing else.

Because of this, it’s been a tradition to have a ‘side board’ where PM regs can discuss ANYTHING they want, without getting banned or shunned by other users. We have 4 community chats and places to discuss just about anything- be it movies, caption contests, or battles between PM characters. We have over 20 different forums and subforums for general chat.

But it just starts there. What really makes this board special is the FREEDOM. Put images in your signature! Upload icons directly from your computer! Don’t get banned for cursing by junior mods! And, of course, there’s a spam board for your posting pleasure.

We also have special features that even IGN can’t beat! Here at IGN, member rankings simply consist of small stars, and there are only 8 of them. Here at Forum city, we have 40 MEMBER RANKINGS… EACH WITH THEIR OWN ICON! 8 or 40? I’d take the latter.

Another thing we dominate IGN in is our smileys. IGN has tiny smileys, some of which are animated. Thanks to smiley central, we have LARGE, 3D ANIMATED SMILEYS that you have to see to believe!

Please sign up and join. We need to establish a side chat, as it’s been a long-running Paper Mario Boards tradition. I hope you’ll decide to join.



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