[I think this game might have been inspired by the fact that I was far too short to play basketball. J Introducing Bucketball, a sport conjured back in 2003. Enjoy!]



Kenneth Burchfiel


Bucketball and Basketball are extremely simmilar. Both use balls of almost exactly the same size, the players score by shootiong into goals, and the ball must be dribbled. However, there are some major differinces, which include the size and type of court, The type of balls and baskets used, results of fouls, and scoring. You’ll learn all about thes changes in the next few pages of this mannual.

Pg.1- Introduction

Pg.2- The court

Pg.3- Scoring

Pg.4- Fouls and consequences

2-The Court

Probably the biggest differince between bucketball and basketball is the court. First of all, only one basket is used. Second, the lines are very differint. Use the numbers on this page in the picture of the map to learn about the names of the lines and the types of scoring.

3-Lines, scoring, buckets, and balls

This is the key to the lines and scoring on the previous page’s map.

1- The bucket

The bucket is not suspended- it sits on the ground, which increases scoring chances by great margins.

2- The court

The court is the normal area for shooting and dribbling the ball.

3- The 3-point box

The 3-point box is the only are where the players can shoot 3 points. It also acts as a haven, however, since if the offense has the ball with both feet inside the box, then the defense may not cross the line or touch the ball.

4-No-Man’s land

The no-man’s land acts as a barrier that stops the defense from getting to the ball. As said in #3, when the offense has the ball inside the 3-point box, The defense cannot cross the line into no-man’s land.

5-The 1-point box

The 1-point box is a short area that encloses the basket. If a shot is made with feet partially inside the box, then the shot is one point.

6-The foul area

The foul area is the shooting box for foul shots.

7-The starter area

The starter area is where players take the ball back. Players must take the ball back to this area if a shot is attempted, whether it hits the basket or wall or not.

Scoring system

Area number Points +backboard

#2 2 3

#3 3 4

#4 2 3

#5 1 2

#6 2* 3

#7 2 3

*Foul shots taken from the foul line are worth one point.

Type of ball

In bucketball, the official game ball is a volleyball.


Penalties in bucketball are quite differint from those in basketball. Here is a list of bucketball penalties and their outcomes.

Penalty #of foul shots Ball stays- goes to the defense

Out of bounds 0 Goes

Ball hits ceiling 0 Goes

Double dribbling 0 Goes

Travelling 0 Goes

Def. Swatting 1 Stays

Def. Pushing 1 Stays

Def. Hitting shot going downwards

2 Stays

No-Man’s land int. 3 Stays

Basket guarding-(def. Cannot step inside the one-point box)

3 Goes

Def. Tripping 2 Stays

Starter area interference- (No defense crossing the Starter area line until ball passes it) 1 Stays

Foul Shot Int. 1+remaining previous foul shots



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