How to Master Tony Hawk (Vintage)

[Oh, Tony Hawk. How I adored thee. How I later deleted all my save files for thee in a tragic accident. Well, at least I still have the guide!]

How to Master Tony Hawk

Pro Skater


By Kenneth Burchfiel

Tony hawk is a very popular game. Many people play it. It is important that you can master the techniques used to play. I have gotten every tape and medal for every single person. To do that, I had to master important parts of the game. I also needed to know specials. Unfortunately, I lost the file and I was very mad at myself. However, I then realized that I still had all the skills.

This will teach you all you need to know about Tony Hawk. You will have lessons, Followed by tests. These tests will show you when you are ready for the next lesson. When you are done, try to break 200,000 points in the Warehouse! If you can do that, you will officially be a master. Then, Go beat your friends!

You can start by any lesson. I suggest you try tests to see your level.

So, go have fun!


Course one- Beginner

Lesson one-The Ollie

An Ollie is a jump off the ground with your skateboard. To do this, press down c.

Try that? Good. Now, Do that again, but this time, press and hold. You will see your skateboarder close to the ground. This is his (or her) crouching position. Crouching makes you go faster, and if you don’t crouch, you will never be good. So, crouch! Now, release down c. see? You jump. Now, crouch, release, and then go back so you are never in a standing position. You might wonder what the point of this is. Well, now you will see.

Lesson Two-The Ollie meets the half pipe

You see, ollieing is fine and dandy the way it is. But, you can also use it on vert places, such as a halfpipe. So, Hopefully, You are in the warehouse. If you’re not, go to it. You should also be on free skate. So, crouch and go down while crouching to the big halfpipe. It’s on the entrance to your right. See how fast you go? Now, jump over the halfpipe. You can’t do it by crouching and crouching off. You can’t do it while standing, and you can’t stand and Ollie. It will only work by crouching and ollieing off. If you succeed, you will get the over the pipe bonus. Hooray! You’re first points! If you don’t succeed, try, try again. Now, after you do that, go into the half pipe. Try just crouching. See? Nice airtime. Now, Do the same thing but Ollie right before you fly. Check out that airtime! Now, I hope you’re paying attention, because here comes your first test.

Test 1-Ollie practice.

Now, restart the free skate. You will have to go down the hill while crouching, and go in the pipe. Now, Get the big air using the crouch and jump technique. See, not that hard, right? Now try that 10 times in a row! If you succeed, you will be ready for lesson three.

Lesson 3- the grind

Well, you must be proud of yourself. Unfortunately, there is nothing to be proud of. Of course, everybody has his or her own wishes, and, oh what the heck, let’s get back to the lesson. Anybody who knows skateboarding knows a grind is when the board slides Across a rail or some other edge. They are great for getting easy points and come in many different variations for this game. They are activated by using left c. so, go down to the left side entrance and try to Ollie on that big metal rail. (Not suprisingly, The bonus for completing it is called Big Air.) Do anything? Probably not, because you will have to press up c while in the air. So, keep trying. Here are a couple hints. First, if you are leaning to one side, move the other way with your control stick. Second, you don’t need to hold up c. You will probably fall down a lot. This is because you are inexperienced at controlling. However, if you think you might fall, press down c. your skateboarder will jump from danger and land on the ground. I must say, looking at the points meter is very satisfying. However, you probably shouldn’t because if you do your skater might bump into a wall. Ouchies! So, keep practicing. Then, go to some other pipe and try grinding that. Or, try grinding halfpipe edges. They are easier because you don’t have to jump to them. Having fun? I hope so, because here is test #2.

Test 2-Grinding

Okay, here it is. Grind 5 rails without falling off. Then, grind 5 lips without falling off. You must do this all in a row. If you fall any time, start over. It is important to master these techniques so your friends don’t make fun of you. If you can do this, you will be ready for this next lesson.

Lesson 4-Vert

You have reached a checkpoint. You now no how to produce points. They might not be enough to beat your friends, but it’s a start. Anyway, you are about to learn the other part of getting points-Vert skateboarding. At this time, you will only be using small parts. So, go down to that halfpipe. Get inside and practice getting big air. Now, you see that R button? When you are in the air, press and hold. See? Your stater turns all the way around. These are your first vert tricks. Now, tap the R button once. See the skater, he just turned 180 degrees. If you manage to land this, the score on the bottom will say 180 Ollie. 50 points! Yay! Now, keep practicing this until you fell confident.

Test 3-Vert

Okay! Go to the halfpipe, and do 10 180 ollies in a row. They must turn at least 180 degrees. If you can do this, you will be ready for the test summing up what you’ve learned.

Test 4- Summary test

Okay, here we go. Grind 5 rails and 5 lips. Then do 10 360 0llies with at least a 360 degree rotation. If you do that, you will be a graduate of beginner skating!

Course 2- Intermediate

Lesson 5 – street tricks

At this point, I would like you to change to Bob for your skaters. I know his tricks, and I do not want to confuse you with tricks your skater does not have. Also, think of the control stick as a compass. Up is north, down and right is southeast, Left is west. You get the idea. You see, Intermediate is about learning the tricks for bob. Don’t worry if you are hooked to another skater, the tricks will be almost, if not perfectly, the same. One last thing- we will use lots of left c and right c. for future reference, left c does street tricks, right c does vert. So, back to the lesson. In intermediate lessons, you will be learning many differint tricks. Now, you will be learning tricks with the left c button and the control stick. Now, start fooling around with combinations of the left c button and control stick. These are called flip, or street tricks. They come in handy later in this, you will see. Now, here are the tricks with configurations.

North-360 shoveit



Southeast-360 flip




Northwest-Kickflip to indy

Now, These are a whole bundle of tricks. So, you better start practicing. It is important you get this down so you can beat your friends. Ooh, sweet revenge! Now, All of these tricks can be used on the ground while you are going to a pipe or rail exept for the varial and the kickflip to indy. You can combine them together on the halfpipes for good points. So, to prove that you know this, here’s your first intermediate test.

Test 5-Street

This test is called a “Compass Smash.” It is basicaly doing all the ticks in order in a row from north to northwest. It is very challinging, but it proves you know the tricks. Also, try to memorize the tricks- it can come in handy.

Lesson 6- Vert Tricks

This lesson is just like the other lesson you had. You will get the trick compass for all the vert, or grab tricks. So, here it is:

North-Japan air

Northeast-Rocket air

East-Indy nosebone

Southeast- Benihama





You know the drill. Practice these tricks, and be ready for your test.

Test 6-Vert

Okay. Do a compass smash, And try to memorize the compass. Good luck!

Lesson 7-Grind types

Yeah, you could stick with that old 50-50 grind. But, you’ll be happy to know that there are some other grinds. Here they are:

Up and up c-Nosegrind

Right/left and up c- Smith grind

Northeast and up c-crooked grind

Down and up c-5-0 grind

So, you can practice these. Then, get ready for the test.

Test 7- Grinds

Do all the grinds in a row without falling. Then, get ready. The intermediate’s end is coming up…

Test 8-Intermediate roundup

Okay. This must be done in a row. It is going to be extremley hard, but you must do it… the compass smashes for each c button. Pretty hard, Huh? But you can be an advanced skater if this is accomplished-You can do it!

Course 3-Advanced

Lesson 8- Street Meets the grind

You already know everything you need to about street tricks. However, if you really want to do well, you should try theese. They will teach you how to max out your points meter. Now, you should know everything about grind and street, so now we will combine them. As you know, north and left c is a 360 shoveit. Now, try grinding that big rail. Around the middle, try doing a 360 shoveit. Then, try landing back on the rail. Then, once you’re done, 360-shoveit off. See that points meter? As long as you land the trick, the points meter should be chock-full of cash. Good Job!

Lesson 9-Street meets the vert meets the vert

Now, you already know about street combining. Now, go to the halfpipe. You know what North left c is, right? Now, do that as you are going off the halfpipe. Then, combine that with a Japan Air. Then, Finish it off with a Benihama. If you land it, you will see that points meter go up, up, up!

Test# 9-Advanced stuff

Do the tricks shown on each lesson twice in a row each, and do all of them in a row.

Lesson 10: Specials, baby!

In Tony hawk, there are differint “specials,” or tricks that a certain skater can do. Unfortunately, not all of them can be done with that skater in real life, and some are just plain impossible. Specials are done with 2 movements of the control stick and a c button. There are 3 differint kinds of specials: vert and street specials, grind specials, and lip specials. (You will learn more about lip tricks later on.)

Bob Burnquist has 3 differint types of specials. His first is my personal favorite, the backflip. To do it, press up on the control stick, then down, then right c. They must be done in this order, and fairly fast. His second is a great trick maker. To do the one-footed smith grind, press east twice on the control stick, and then up c. You also must be on something that you can grind on (Duh!)

His third is really messed up. It is called the burntwist. It is nearly impossible to execute, and I have only done it a couple times. I don’t even remember the controls for it! I think it’s up, left, up c. It is also a lip trick, and you will learn about that later in this.

Now, you’re probably steaming mad at me because no matter how hard you try, you can not execute these way cool tricks. Now, I will tell you how to do them. You must have noticed earlier on in this time you have spent trying to get better at this game the little bar on the upper left corner of the screen that says SPECIAL. You must have seen it colored either green, or golden yellow. The secret of the way it works, and why you can’t get a darn special landed or even attempted will now be revealed!

See, the makers of Tony Hawk were very smart. They decided that it would be real cheesy if you could just keep doing special tricks instead of those nice little benihamas and 50-50 grinds. So, they got the bright idea to limit your acess to this splendid wonder. See, you must work to get this. So, restart free skate and just do a little 360 flip. See the specials meter? There is a little green bar that pops up, and slowly fades down to nothing. See, you must fill that green bar. Now, do a series of tricks that you think will land the green bar over its edge. You can do it all at once, or little short bursts. When you do this, watch the little specials bar. If you succeed, the bar will turn bright yellow but rapidly decrease. Note that falling will put you down all the way to the bottom.

Think of this as an adrenaline bar. The more tricks you land, the higher it goes. And, the secret of the clear, green, or yellow bar is that you can only do specials when the bar is yellow. So, now you know.

Test #10-Specials

First, get your special meter bright and golden. Then, do a backflip, skate to the nearest grinding area and do a one-footed smith grind. I did not include the Burntwist because it is way too hard for my pleasure.

Lesson 11:lip tricks.

These tricks are pretty simple, but they are kind of hard to execute. Now, skate aligned with the halfpipe as well as you can. What I mean is if you skated down and up getting air, you wouldn’t bump into a wall or go off. Now, drop the down c (Gasp!) and hold up and up c. If you succeed, Bob will do a handplant. Don’t hold the trick too long, or Bob will crash. You can play around with these, and get ready for your test.

Test#11-Lip test

Choose the lip trick of your choice, and do it 10 times in a row. And then get ready, Because something very scary is happening…

Test: 12-Test Grande

It’s the big daddy, the number uno, the whole enchilada, the top notch… whatever you call it; this test is the final test. Think of those precious moments trying to ollie, trying to a benihama, wondering how to do a backflip… it’s kind of sad that this test is the last. But, you must also be proud of yourself for getting this far. You see, not many people can do this, and imagine the look on your friend’s faces when you pull that benihama/360 shoveit to one-footed smith grind. Pretty impressive, don’t you think? However, you will be in shock with yourself if you actually do this test and complete it. See, it’s not just because of the nostalgia and pride… it’s because the guidelines required to complete this test. I have only done it a couple times, and that’s still something I’m proud of. So, before you imagine the look on their friend’s faces when you smash them, imagine the look when you see the guidelines. Well, here it is…

Get 200,000 points in the warehouse under the 2:00 single session! HAHAHAHAHA!

Closing Remarks

Well, You probably haven’t done the last test. Think you are pretty pathetic, huh? Well, you aren’t. To stick up with these mind-bending tests and my terrible typing…now that’s something to be proud of. And. There is no doubt you have made sufficient progress. For me, it was pretty fun writing this. I always like to get all the stuff in my mind down on paper, and this is basically what I have done. I’m glad you put up with this, and I hope you learned a lot. Thanks!

Icing on the cake-way cool stuff that I didn’t feel like including in the book

Part 1-The nollie

The nollie’s just a cool thing. To do it, quickly press north and then release down c. It’s pretty cool, don’t you think? Here are some hints to use it: When you do a 360 shoveit, or some other trick that starts with north, use up right before you come off the pipe, and a nollie will add too your points. Also, do it early on a backflip and the score will multiply by 2!

Part 2-The way cool thingymajig in the warehouse that can help you get 200,000.

Still trying to get that master ranking? Try this:

Go down to the right side of the halfpipe in the warehouse and Do some trick on the quarterpipe on the other ledge that will get your special meter to golden. Now, backflip over the halfpipe. You will get the “Over the pipe-secret room” bonus. Then, try to land on that pipe and keep grinding over to the top of the quarterpipe. Try to do a one footed smith grind while you are at it. Then, jump off when you feel good. See that points meter? Wow! The most I ever got doing this trick set was more than 90,000 points! Not hard to master this game when you’ve got that up your sleeve.

Part 3-The boardslide

The boardslideis just a cool little trick. It’s like a grind, except the board slides horizontally across the grinding object. It’s kind of cool.

Part 4- Specials for other skateboarders

Bob is my very favorite, by far, but here are some other specials that some other skaters have.

The 900-Tony Hawk

It’s very cool, resembling when Tony Hawk was the first skateboarder to get a 900 degree turn and land it.

Christ Air-Rune Glifberg

The best special by far, you can spin it for eye-popping bonuses.

Fingerflip Airwawk-Bucky Lasek

Kind of cool, one of the first specials I ever learned.

Darkslide-Geoff Rowely

Very neat trick, has lots of points in it.


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