(Vintage) Land Mines in London

[Ah, 2002. The year of… come to think of it, what did happen in 2002? I’m not quite sure. Here’s “Land mines in London,” a short, sweet spy story written in a rather sleepy year.]

Land mines in London


Kenneth Burchfiel

Story-A terrorist organization is trying to assasinate the king and queen of Britan by detonating land mines. They will be detonated when the royal family crosses over them in a parade.Together, Flipper and Ski boy must stop the plans and arrest the terrorists.

They can call on their four cousins for help, but the policemen will have the day off. Flipper and Ski boy are their only hope!

Flipper boy was confused. He thought the terrorists would all stand out in some sort of uniform, but they were all alike. He could not go up to someone and say “Are you a terrorist ?” He had to find some way to tell them apart, but their physical features sure wouldn’t. Then, he thought of something. Since the terrorists knew the city plans, he could ask someone for directions. However, what would he do if someone who knew the city well said something? Over by the parade, he saw a refridgerator magnet peddler. That gave him an idea. He knew that electronics could mess up if a magnet was placed nearby. He could shut down the remotes by putting a magnet next to them! He hurried over and bought 150 of them. Then, he remembered that he wouldn’t know who had the remotes. He thought of buying more and putting one in everybody’s pocket, but he was low on cash. Then, he saw a metal detector rental for the beach. He could screen people for metal items and then put magnets to them! He decided to pose as a fake securituy guard and screen people for metal items. If someone would have a remote, he would put a “stamp of approval” next to it- a magnet! He couldn’t do it all by himself, so he asked Ski boy for help. He would do the metal detection, and Ski boy would put the magnets on. Soon, all the magnets were placed. The parade started around noon. He knew that the terrorists could not get the mines, but they could have a mannual way to get them. The parade was almost over when the brothers saw a bunch of people moving through the crowd. With shock, They saw that they were all carrying pistols! Flipper boy decided to get the king and queen to safety while ski boy tried to stop the terrorists from shooting. Flipper boy got the royal family to a safe place where the terrorists could do no harm. Ski boy was having a hard time stopping the 150 guns when he remebered Flipper boy’s magnets. A magnetic train line was being built, and the tracks were all in a pile. Ski boy took one and heaved it with all his might. It worked well- all the guns were pulled to the super-powerful magnet. Flipper boy was back after moving the king and queen to safety and teamed up with Ski boy to try to fight off the bad guys. They had a stack of tranquilizer grenades, but they couldn’t penetrate the metal armor. Then, Ski boy remembered the tracks. There was a huge crane holding a metal piece bigger then a house. That gave Ski boy an idea. He jumped in the crane and moved the control so it was over the terrorists. Then, he budged it down. 150 terrorists stuck to the metal like glue. He then moved the magnet over to the police and plopped it down. “Special delivery!” he called out.


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