Vintage Valentine’s day Card

[Talk about a blast from the past! This is from my 5th grade year at Haycock Elementary.]

Valentine’s Day Card of Old


Kenneth Burchfiel

Dear ,

I guess it’s not too urgent,

It’s not too big a deal,

But when football season ended,

My brain got dumb as steel.

I can’t remember two plus two

(It’s obviouslwy five,)

I need stats of games

Packed in my brains

To keep my mind alive.

I was in desperation,

When finally I saw

Just the thing I needed

To keep my brain well cooked, not raw.

It took one word called “valentines”

And now I am quite pleased,

I’ve now become an average kid

And a huge weight’s off my knees.

So, in celebration,

I’ve made my point quite clear:

Play these games

And flex your brains

For some true holiday cheer.

What comes Next?


B. 159,20,6,3,5,4,—-


I hope that you’ve had lots of fun,

But that brain of yours has hunger.

Feed it up with all these treats

And now it will last longer.

Well now you’ve had some stuff to eat, but your

Brain is feeling rotten,

Perhaps some humor will keep it amused

If the meaning was not forgotten.

Why did the coach go to the bank?

He wanted his quarter back.

Why did the chicken cross the football field?

He thougt the field goals were too high to fly over.

What is the difference between a football coach and A fisherman?

A fisherman wants a tackle box, and a coach

Wants a box that can tackle.

What happens when you cross a quarterback with a Linebacker?

The quarterback gets tackled.

Well throughout my long valentine, I’ll bet your

Feelings are mixed. Circle them down, and see what     Abounds, on my grand Feelings list.







Trying to solve math problems

Now one more thing: Do you think this valentine had

Lots and lots of fun? Or do you think this stuff was weird, in every single one? Please Check:

Fun O Weird O

Please give your answers to me.Happy String Cheese Day!


Ned (Kenneth) Burchfiel


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