(Blasts from the Past) The Daring Astronaut


[This was the earliest piece of a short story that I could find on my computer. Like much of my earlier writing, it never got past the preliminary stages, but I still thought it would be fun to post up here. Welcome to July 13, 2000, when I was a rising fourth grader.]

When it was the end of summer and all the kids were going on vacation, most of them were Planning on going to the beach or snorkeling, that kind of stuff.

Not me.

Well, actually, my vacation started just like somebody elses. I was going to Florida. But we were miles away from the beach, and our hotel diddn’t even have a swimming pool!

But then one little bet changed my vacation- and my life.

I mean, this story is hard to belive. To tell you the truth, it’s not even true. But belive me, it could happen. It happens all the time. Does betting you can spank your teacher and thinking you can get away with it get you sent to the principals office? Does betting 20 bucks that Cal Ripken is going to hit a homer the next time he’s up to bat make you go bankrupt? It dosen’t seem like it, but these bets can change your life for a little. For example, that 20 bucks you wasted could’ve entered you in a sweepstakes for 1,000,000 bucks! That would change your life for a period of time, a LONG period of time!

It just so happens that when I was”exploring”, I met somebody who had a bet for me. Actually, it was more of a dare then a bet, which is even more interesting. My dare happened to be even more interesting then that, because it was a double dare, which is even more interesting then a dare itself, because if a person accepts the dare, the other person ( the darer ), has to do it themselves.

What do dares and bets have to do with the story? Well ,the story itself is mostly about a kid who takes a dare. If the kid(whose name happens to be Stephen,) did not take the dare, the story would be mainly about the average kid going on vacation, Just like you or me. See how one little bet can change your life? And now, I really must get on with the story.


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