(Blasts from the Past) The Ice Cream Man


Kenneth Burchfiel

[This is the earliest (complete) piece of writing that I have on my computer. It goes back to January 27, 2000, when I was a third grader. I like to think that my sense of poetic style has improved since. 🙂 ]

Come, all you children,

Eat what you can,

We’re glad to present,

The ice cream man!

His freezer is filled,

The choices look swell,

He’s coming down Main Street and

He’s ringing his bell.

If you want something good,

You better go fast,

That man’s a good runner,

He’s about to fly past.

Here are the choices:

Imperial Fudge,

Barn Chip and Yarn Chip

And Koala Fur Sludge.

There’s a big crowd around him,

He can’t move any more,

So he stops to open his

Little treat store.

Come, all you children,

Here’s a good treat,

And come with a stomach

That is ready to eat.


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